We are Mobi2Go

We are Mobi2Go and we exist to grow hospitality brands in the hearts and hands of their consumers.

We’re on a mission to make digital ordering as easy as opening the fridge.

Tarik Mallett, CEO of Mobi2Go

We make it easy for restaurant owners to create a digital brand and transact online with our digital ordering SaaS platform.

We are the invisible heroes – enabling ambitious hospitality businesses to become even more successful. The products and services we provide our customers have a tangible impact on growing their business, which is pretty rewarding. We’ve generated $100m in revenue for our clients over the last 12 months.

Things are going well for the this tech start up with an increasingly global footprint. With teams across Wellington and Melbourne, we’re landing a team in Toronto, Canada in 2019.

We raised Series A in early 2019 to accelerate our growth. We’re an ambitious team and we’re shooting for the moon.

Our Hiring Process

We value transparency at Mobi2Go. So much so, that one of our Values is – we don’t do surprises, unless its cake.

So in the spirit of transparency, this is a high level overview of what you can expect through the hiring process at Mobi2Go.

We make no apologies for the robust process. Changing roles is a huge deal for both you and for us. We want to make sure that we can deliver on your career ambitions and that our work environment is the right fit for you to do the best work of your life.

Working in a fast growth start up is not for everyone. It is intense, fast paced, ambiguous and constantly changing. Some people thrive in these conditions, but some don’t. Our aim is to give you an honest account of life at Mobi2Go to help inform your decision.

If you like more detail, here’s the detailed outline of our hiring process.

We don’t have a “closing date” for roles which means we review applications as and when they come through. Depending on the volume of work we have on determines the speed of which we can come back to you. We aim to get back to you as soon as possible but sometimes it can be up to a week before we can tell you if you’ve been successful in making our shortlist, or not.

If successful the first step in the process is an online interview with someone from the Employee Experience team. This will be your opportunity to show us you can do the job well from a technical perspective as well as be the chance for us to get to know each other a bit better and see if Mobi2Go is a good fit for you.

If that goes well you’ll have another interview (preferably in person) with the Hiring Manager for the role. This will go into a lot more detail with regards to the role and you’ll be able to share more of your specific experience relating to the role.

It’s likely you’ll meet a number of other people on the team too, including Tarik Mallett our CEO so there are plenty of opportunities for you (and us) to make sure Mobi2Go is the right move for you.

We also do a variety of assessments including:

  • Technical assessments (e.g. coding challenges for developers and engineers).
  • Psychometric and ability testing. The testing is done online and takes about 45 minutes. It provides Mobi2Go with an objective, all-round snapshot of your general cognitive abilities, your personality and work styles – even your resilience to stress.

Lastly we seek employment references from your ex colleagues and managers. We value the insights that your previous colleagues provide.

All going well from everyone’s perspective, we make an offer which covers the money and the magic. More on this in a future post!

The beginning

After studying accounting and computer information systems at Victoria University of Wellington, Tarik Mallett (Mobi2Go Founder and CEO) joined one of the top four accounting firms where he worked on business continuity plan simulations, cyber crime investigations and computer forensics. He was assigned to work in San Francisco for 3 months. The experience in the US piqued his interest in the vibrant tech start up scene.

This was the catalyst for Tarik leaving his 9am-5pm job and founding a mobile marketing company in Wellington offering group text solutions. The concept meant that restaurants would do a text blast out to customers who had opted in to receive texts with messages like – “Hey! it’s a beautiful day, 2 for 1 Heineken”.

Mobi2Go is headquartered in Wellington, New Zealand

It grew into a nice business but there were a couple of learnings. In order to scale we had to integrate with all telcos in every country we wished to operate. We also did not own the platform, we were wholesaling text messages. This limited what we could do.

The early days of Mobi2Go

After a couple of pivots with Group Text which included working with supermarkets, energy companies and sports teams, we hit success with Mobi2Go.

Mobi2Go came about through partnership with a hospitality customer. They asked us to create a “text in” order system.

With my knowledge of the text space and having grown up in the hospitality business, I knew that this was not going to be the best medium to do this. Looking at it strategically, there were businesses wanting to transact online with their customers but there was no easy way to do it without doing it themselves. That’s were Mobi2Go was born

Tarik Mallett, CEO Mobi2Go

Mobi2Go started as an aggregator site but learnt quickly that customers did not want to be a part of an aggregator site. They had invested heavily in their brand. They didn’t want that diluted with all their competition.

One of our first customers was Hell’s Pizza which forced us to think bigger than we would have if we were building the platform for a one store pizza chain. The first site they turned on was in Canada, so from day one we built the product to serve international operations with features like multiple time zones, different taxes etc.

We were operating as a digital agency. It was 6-12 month build. We then did Habitual Fix and Wholly Bagel. Word got out and we had more customers approaching us globally. We quickly realised that this was not going to scale so we downed tools for 18 months and rebuilt the platform as a Software as a Service (SaaS), infinitely scalable.

We spent 18 months refining the product and then we invested in our go-to-market strategy to accelerate revenue growth which led to us raising Series A in March 2019.

Driven by Purpose, United by Food

At Mobi2Go we’re on a mission to make online ordering as easy as opening the fridge.

Consumers expect to be able to order ahead for food or to have it delivered.

Hospitality entrepreneurs have 3 options:

  1. Build their own digital solution
  2. Partner with an aggregator like Uber Eats
  3. Partner with a specialist digital solution like Mobi2Go

There’s been a fair amount of bad press about the industry wide move online. Mobi2Go’s digital solution put’s the power back in the hands of the hospitality business. Our entrepreneurs retain ownership of their online brand identity, they own their customer experience and they own their customer data.

Mobi2Go operates on a success based pricing model which means that when our customers are successful, we are successful too.

We’re the invisible heroes enabling our customers to retain more of their profit while growing their business, which is pretty rewarding! Check out some of our case studies to see the impact we have on our customers success